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“Caring About Your Future is Good,

Planning  For it is Better”

Thank you for visiting our website. As a full-service insurance brokerage firm, we work with Insurance & Financial Advisors, Employers, Associations and Consumers across the Carolinas to deliver top shelf insurance consulting and planning solutions. Our services are designed specifically to educate and serve our clients. From our arsenal of top companies we search the market place for a wide range of solutions to your needs, while providing support at every level of the sales and underwriting process. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise we go beyond the norm to develop new insights, drive results, while satisfying your needs with sound planning and suitable insurance solutions.


Consumers don't deal with insurance planning issues every day. As a result, they want someone who will take the time to listen to their concerns while taking time to educate them on the issues. They are also want someone who will keep their best interests in mind at all times while providing multiple solutions that will solve their needs and fit into their budget. At the end of the day most consumers are the same. They want peace of mind and financial security for themselves and those that they hold dear.

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Professional Advisors

We work with some of the finest Professional Advisors across the Carolinas. We understand the challenges the Professional Advisor faces every day. We provide our advisor clients access to the top carriers for the product lines we offer coupled with an in-house underwriter to get their clients to the right planning solution the first time. We provide a quoting matrix coupled with the sales support that they need. We follow the Advisor's cases through each phase of the pipeline while sending the advisor daily updates.

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Employers today are charged with balancing a sophisticated mix of business challenges into a profitable and ongoing business that supports its work force and the goals of ownership. One aspect of those challenges is providing access to a benefit package that not only attracts the highest quality individuals but also contributes to their health and well being. We help the Employer identify those areas that are contributing to lost productivity while identifying solutions that contribute their employees health and well being as well as to their bottom line.

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